Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Queen of all Playhouses

Pictured above is the Dream Tree Loft Playhouse. It looks amazing, and if you are interested in dropping more on a playhouse than most drop on their car, this is the playhouse of your dreams. It can be a retreat for your children in your own backyard. Click behind the fold to read more about the playhouse and see more pictures.
This is a side view of the tree house. While it is quite expensive, often times you can find people that make knock offs. (Yes, knockoffs of a playhouse.) This particular play house is handcrafted using high quality hardwood (90% cedar).
The interior view is quite nice also. I think I could use one of these for myself. The upper part of the tree house measure 5'x6' and the deck portion measures 10'x10'. Overall, the treehouse is 12' tall. Click on over to Posh Tots to check it out for yourself.

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