Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby Boy Chic Nursery

Jamie Kirkpatrick designed this lovely blue boys chic nursery. Jamie says, " I love the shabby chic look so when I found out I was having a boy I tried to incorporate that look in his room. We did not want to repaint his room because we are currently renting our house so I kept the original color and designed around it.

"Once I found the bedding I liked I ordered the fabric from a seller on eBay and had it made. It ended up coming out cheaper and I was able to match everything perfectly. In addition to the bedding I added extra pillows, the window treatments and the toy bag. Once I got a sample of the fabric I went to my local paint store and I had them match the blue. I painted an old mirror I had, picture frames and his storage boxes. His furniture was purchased at JC Penny's and to dress it up I bought new crystal knobs. I found a seller on Etsy and together we came up with the pictures hanging on his walls. She was able to match the colors of the paintings to his room. I knew I wanted his baby bed to be the focal point in his room so I found a picture of the bed curtain and duplicated it. I think it makes a strong statement but without being too girly. I also had a lady at one of my local baby boutiques come and paint "Now I lay me down to sleep..." above his bed. I love how his room turned out and I enjoy it every time I am in there."

Isn't this the best?

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