Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Cadet Castle
Everything it sounds like it is. A magnificent structure for keeping kids in shape and 2 dwellings either side offers shelter from the storm!
Great for lookouts and escapes. Military style castle sized to suit your campus! with a range of accessories as shown slide, rock climbing walls, ladders, poles and scramble nets, swings and a draw bridge & pulley bucket to lift rations so little cadets never go hungry whilst keeping watch.
Finished off with a flag pole, run across bridge and decorative timber supports. Weather resistant timbers, in blue, brown and green non-toxic treatments throughout.
A great excuse for dressing up military style and camouflage accessories for interior seating areas and anti-slip strips. Door and stairway access from right side dome.
With a few alterations and additions it transforms into Wizard Playhouse.
From £2950 in size above
Installation £650

Wizard Playhouse
A fantastic playhouse of Wizardry with turrets, a moving staircase, moving walls and hideaways, and several secrets built in. Several escape routes for safe play.
It has a spell room, meeting hall and up to 4 dorms.
Custom built plans available. May have a connected play deck, stage for magic show entertaining, draw bridge or bridges and bucket pulley so no wizard will go hungry whilst they perfect the banquet spell.
A chunky entrance doors with studs & metalwork surround. This playhouse is great for kids to dress up and let their imaginations run wild! Mystical lighting effects throughout. Anti-entrapment devices built in for protection in all areas. Goes great with our timber Labyrinth.
From £3850
Installation £450

Timber Labyrinth.
Great fun for the whole family to get lost in! A superb attractive garden feature when lit up at night. With seating areas and doors that lead to nowhere. Great for trellis work and all size gardens, visitors can enjoy a walk around the garden with a difference!

Including installation.

Fort Knox Clubhouse PlayDeck
Tree house style 3-storey Clubhouse with stairs access and basement play stables dwelling beneath. Fort Knox style with framed half locking doors making it impenetrable by most adults!! 6 upper windows with plain appearance, tilt opening only to 100mm.
Finished in 5-colours stain & paint finish shown (all non-toxic). Lower windows open in halves with lockable shutters. Crawl escape hatch in a secret place to this model. The uppermost mini windows are just accessible within a crawl loftspace lookout area 2ft height only to apex via ladder. Top doors open in, lower stable doors open out.
Stands 11ft6 high. 8ftx5ft on the ground. Display cabinet inside for toys-trophies. Boxing ball swing, rock climber with rocks and slots, quick escape firemans pole, bridge with 2 flexi swings below, and flagpole. Keeps little soldiers in fighting fit shape. Straight and decorative fascias, sidings and decorative railings to balcony and loftspace guard rails.
Heavy grade green roofing felt or shingles shown +20%. Room for a Mini fitted kitchen +£95 and dropleaf table & bench set inside +£25. Otherwise a blank canvas ready for kids with imaginative schemes.

Fort Zulu PlayDeck
High elevated playdeck fort with a distinctive African feel offering shade from the midday sun. MOst wild animals or pets will not scale up this model, but for kids just a little strategy and stamina will manage it. :)
Let children warriors imaginations run loose, battling fearlessly across the timber rope bridge through the wide lookout platform and down the slide. Crazy ladder access to the platform also. Or quickly up climber poles & rope, across the slatted effect defence bridge 3ft high. Safe ladder which you can stand on at the top!! and still go up/down, with bench seating at the ground. 2 flexi swings underneath.
Cream painted hut dwelling 5x5ft (with deep floor) below the lookout platform with rock climber stones on, 2 stained diamond windows (fixed), Crossed spears decorative timbers on the sides. . Framed half locking door and 4 windows tilting and lockable shutters. It will take a powerful army to get in! The lower hut leads up via ladder access to the lookout platform with another 2 windows opening to 100mm only, and grass topped seating area. Strong timber canopy roof with asphalt shingles, finished with ball finials and flagpole. Front door may be 5ft instead of 4ft door shown.
Stands our maximum 12ft high (without need of planning permission) to apex roof. 22ft wide. Rich multi-stained and painted finish (all non-toxic). Ground anchoring +£150.
£1850    http://www.freewebs.com/island3rlora/playdecks.htm

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