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Luxury Closets

Eva Longoria-Parker’s Closet photo courtesy of Instyle Magazine (celebrity closets)
I go gaga over closets like this one. And who wouldn’t? Having an exceptionally beautiful closet with customized shelving that displays your fashion treasures is the ultimate indulgence. Imagine drifting into a closet like this one every morning! It feels like your own personal boutique. Perhaps I love closets so much because I have a bit of a shoe/purse/clothing obsession and I adore how all these gorgeous items are displayed. Or maybe it is because a luxury closet is a complete extravagance. It could be that the main attraction is the sense of calm and order that these closets embody. For all of these reasons, a luxury closet is one of the best things you can treat yourself to!
Photo courtesy of decorpad
As interior designers, we are being asked to design custom closets for our clients more and more frequently. A lot of thought and ingenuity goes into luxury closet design. When we begin a closet design project we spend time finding out how the client likes to store their clothing, how much space is required and what kinds of items they have. It is ideal to have a place to sit, a counter space for folding, a mirror, some natural light and a variety of drawers, shelves, hooks and rods. Special attention is paid to the length of pants and shirts and the heights of the rods especially for taller clients so that the clothing hangs nicely. Over the years, we have designed several amazing closets that include packing islands, built in bench seats, cherry or walnut cabinetry, coffee stations, and specialized storage for unique items. Some have been massive and others are small but well-organized. All of them turn out wonderfully, and I am always in awe of the space and efficiency that is created with good closet design. Here are a few images of my favorite inspirational closets.
One of my favorite websites to visit for inspirational closet designs is Clos-ette. They have some wonderful examples of gorgeous closets of all styles and sizes.
Photo courtesy of Clos-ette.
This photo illustrates how you can have fun with the design of your closet. The cabinets are fairly simple and clean lined, but it’s the gilded mirror, the chandelier and faux upholstered wallpaper that give the glamour.
Photo courtesy of Clos-ette.
The lit glass shelving is terrific in this closet. I also adore the attention to detail in the coved ceiling and the clever peg board storage solution.

Photo courtesy of Clos-ette.
Clever storage for jewelry and accessories is featured in this closet. The drawers are divided into smaller compartments to keep everything organized.
Photo courtesy of Clos-ette.
This modern streamlined closet feels crisp and gallery like. The glass details add drama and sparkle.
Check out the beautiful leather handles on the double dresser islands and the sculptural glass lamps. This closet it ultra chic! This closet is by SR Gambrel in New York City.
This closet also by Steven Gambrel is accented with large upholstery tacks. This detail is so unexpected and unusual, but very fitting for a closet. It is reminiscent of a piece of antique luggage.
Of course, there is no reason why you have to keep the cabinetry to a neutral color or a wood finish. Here, Christina Aguilera shows off her pink closet complete with sliding ladder, leopard print rug and sumptuous silk drapery. It is over the top, but it is totally her!
Recognize this closet? The iconic closet from the series Sex and the City is large by New York City standards, but has lots of well thought out storage. When I went to see the movie, I actually gasped when Carrie’s newly renovated closet has revealed! What a dream!
Hope you enjoyed these marvelous closets!
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