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Tuscan Kitchen Tile Backsplash - Tuscan Design for your Italian kitchen

  Beautiful Tuscan design by American artist Linda Paul of a window overlooking a misty Tuscany landscape and hill town with still life of olives, olive oil, lemons an all the ingredients you need to make a fabulous black olive tapenade including the artist's own recipe. There is even a hummingbird that comes to visit your kitchen window! Its perfect for Tuscan decor.tuscany kitchen backsplash 

Tuscan style flooring for kitchen


Tuscan style flooring for kitchen
Floors With Earthy Feeling
Laying similar materials for flooring in earthy shades are considered good choices for your Tuscan style flooring. You can consider granite, stone, marble, limestone, and slate for flooring. Mosaic and colored tiles are widely used for this type of kitchen. Terracotta or lightly distressed wooden floorboards give typical Tuscan feel to the kitchen. You can choose a scene of a Tuscan village, rustic farmhouses, vineyards, grapes or wine or other fruit, for a stunning Tuscan style mural.

Your Tuscan Kitchen


The classic Tuscan farmhouse look is great for kitchens and dining areas. It creates a warm, inviting atmosphere and provides a comfortable space for cooking and eating.
When you get started designing your own kitchen, you should consider basing your color scheme around the colors of your furniture. With the Tuscan look, we want to start with some cool, slightly distressed coloring including browns, blues, blacks and grays. This style usually uses a bright color as the base for painting the walls, which sets off the darker colors of the furniture. Walls should be either a white with a yellow tint or, if you’re feeling bold, a yellow base with brown sponged on top.
When buying furniture, look for something classic, and don’t be afraid of something that looks a little worn. Nicks and dings are your best friends here, so keep that in mind. Buying antique furniture works well for this look, especially if you can afford a few coats of paint on top of it. Add your own stress marks, and voila, you have your own custom furniture. Watch for a good deals on hutches, cabinets, and other storage options.
Acquiring wall hangings and decorations is a lot of fun with this look. You may have to scour yard sales and antique shops to find exactly what you’re looking for, but it becomes a real treasure hunt. Look for farm scene paintings, pictures of animals, some dried wheat or corn stalks, and then offset it with some decorative iron hangings and candles. Distress marks on frames and hangings are just fine, even if you need to add them yourself. Ceramic figurines make great shelf additions, and a set of old books will add to the look nicely. The look you’re going for is old world, like the place your grandmother grew up. It’s meant to feel comfy and lived in, and just a little worn around the edges.

Tuscan Kitchens

Tuscan kitchens are known for their fine kitchen cabinets, italian country style and the rustic Tuscan charm that authentic Tuscan kitchens have.

Old World Kitchen Pictures

Cherry and Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Open-plan Tudor Kitchen

Shaker Maple Cabinets

Multi-Colored Cabinetry

Old World Kitchen


Outdoor Kitchen Ideas And Designs


Friday, January 9th, 2009
Outdoor Kitchen Designs
Outdoor kitchen cabinets are constructed using durable materials like stone, stainless steel, and redwood. This protects them from the harmful effects of seasonal weather and termites.
Outdoor Kitchen Ideas And Designs
The outdoor kitchen is a luxury and should be treated as such. It is a place for family and friends to enjoy each other’s company while swimming in the pool or just entertaining a full house. This keeps the majority of them outside making clean up more enjoyable.
Pizza Oven with gas grill and pergola in outdoor kitchen
This Los Gatos, California kitchen combines a freestanding stone-clad pizza oven and an L-shaped stucco-and-stone island that, at this end, holds a built-in gas grill and a painted plank cabinet. The floor is poured concrete. Photo: Ray Kachatorian (via)
Outdoor Kitchen Ideas And Designs
Real stone fascia and rare Brazilian granite grace this contemporary outdoor kitchen.
1930′s BBQ is updated to a modern outdoor kitchen to match new pool area. (BBQ)
How to build an outdoor kitchen

Give Your Rustic kitchen an Great Antique Look


Tuesday, September 14th, 2010
Give Your Rustic kitchen an Great Antique Look
Antiqued cabinets will give your kitchen a warm lived in look as well as make the room feel more relaxed and comfortable. There are 2 basic methods you can use to antique your kitchen cabinets – staining and distressing. You can use them alone, or combine them for some old world charm in your kitchen.
a 16 x 14-foot kitchen rustic design
This is a 16 x 14-foot kitchen, which turns out to be at Maus Park, a stately historic home near Toronto, built from local Canadian stone in the 1850s and now owned by Canadian antique dealer Douglas Stocks. The tin kitchenceiling is original to the house although the island was remade to echo the original wainscoting. A Pottery Barn pot rack hangs over the island which also has a stainless steel farm sink. Installing a plate rack (between the doors) while preserving the natural stone wall in back is a perfect touch here.
antique kitchen accessories
In the pantry, a butler’s tray holds a coffee pot, cups and other table accessories. (via: Country Living,
Ideas for antique kitchen cabinets:
Give Your Cabinets Antique Look
One of the most popular methods of imparting an antique look to kitchen cabinets comprises of staining. For the purpose, you will need a dark stain, a brush or sponge and lots of paper towels. First of all, you will have to clean your cabinet thoroughly, making sure that there is no dust clinging on to it. Now, with the help of the brush/sponge, apply a light layer of the stain on one section of the cabinet. Before the stain gets dry, start wiping it off with the paper towel, till you achieve the desired level of ‘antiqueness’. Repeat the process on the other areas of the cabinet as well, especially around the edges and handles.
Another popular method of antiquing cabinets is known as distressing. This method works only on painted cabinets. In distressing, a cabinet is made to look as worn down as it would a hundred years thence. You will need a little bit of sandpaper for the purpose. Start sanding off the finish in those areas of the cabinet that are likely to get worn down with use, say the edges and handles, till the time you get to see just a thin layer of the wood underneath. For an overall worn down look, you can sand the middle of the cabinets as well.
Other Methods
There are two more methods that you can use to give an antique look to your kitchen cabinets, namely crackle painting and faux painting. The first one involves two types of paint, while the second one involves just one. However, both these methods are better left to a professional.

Traditional French Farmhouse-Style Kitchen Ideas


Friday, September 24th, 2010
a vintage-style antique black kitchen cabinet
A traditional turn of the century French farmhouse-style kitchen. The natural building materials such as wood, plaster, terra cotta tiles and wrought iron give rise to the true feeling of a French farmhouse-style kitchen. Notice the use of copper cookware, as well as the wrought iron hangers for the pots, pans and utensils. French Bistro Theme Black Kitchen Design
One of the most important French country style techniques that can make a French country kitchen are the color and decoration of the cupboards. Pine cupboards pickled and stained help to bring out the rustic, old country feel of a French country kitchen. The idea is to create cupboards that stand out. If buying new cupboards or staining cupboards is out of the plan, then try removing the cupboard door and having a tradesman engrave or add a design to the door. It is ideal that the cupboards be very light to help lighten up the kitchen and to maintain a lighthearted, inviting environment.
French farmhouse-style kitchen
This French farmhouse-style kitchen image reveals the skylight ceiling that offers an abundance of natural light, and also reveals the large kitchen table used for entertaining lots of family and friends.
modern style French country kitchen
This modern style French country kitchen has all of the attributes of an old world French kitchen. Ample storage space abounds, almost all usable areas are utilized. Notice the weathered and rustic wooden cabinets and earthy granite countertop. Multiple streams of natural lighting are allowed to illuminate the congested area, post and beam forms the construction, wrought iron is used for the chandelier and cupboard handles, and a Roman blind provides window coverage.

Country Style Kitchens Design By Canterbury Design


Monday, October 4th, 2010
Country Style Kitchen, Farm Style Kitchen
Farmhouse Kitchen With Slate Tiles and Stainless Appliances. View of Farmhouse Kitchen. Brick stove backing. Farm house sink. Slate Tile Floor. Beam ceiling and wooden hood.
french country kitchen, white and red
white cabinets with farmhouse style
beautiful country kitchen, white and red. Design by Canterbury Design
old world kitchen cabinets design by Canterbury Design
At Canterbury Design, you will find talented designers who have the experience and perspective to bring imaginative, yet workable, approaches to your vision, from traditional to contemporary. They will quickly grasp the possibilities as well as challenges of your home’s architecture. Our designers are cognizant of the latest product developments and design trends, and have the taste and know-how to create the image and functionality you are seeking. Go to Canterbury Design for more details.

Country Style L-shaped Kitchen Designs


L-shaped kitchen, traditonal style
A benefit of an L-shaped kitchen is the ability to center a table in the space. This puts the family close to where the meals are prepared and draws guests near the cook when the homeowners are entertaining. The appliances are along the back wall and the refrigerator is on the side wall (not shown), which creates a large work triangle.
green and blue kitchen, country style, L-shaped layout
This L-shaped kitchen layout features an island in the middle. Take a cue from this kitchen and install plenty of storage options. The island drawers increase the kitchen’s storage capacity, and open shelves around the kitchen serve as both display space and extra storage. via:

French Farmhouses and Country Style Kitchen


black kitchen cabinets, barn doors
Old style “barn doors” look black kitchen cabinets, oh, there is something very attractive about old-fashioned barns now, they are stately and picturesque, evoking the warmth of older days.
white doors, copper cookware
Old French farmhouses and country style kitchen, copper cookware

Vintage Storage Jars, yellow kitchen


Vintage Storage Jars, yellow kitchen
Vintage Storage Jars
Collections of clear vintage jars, bottles, and canisters make great containers to store all sorts of dry ingredients for cooking and baking. Look for them at flea markets, yard sales, and online. (Photo Credit: Keith Scott Morton)
The shelves and how you store your items not only serve an aesthetic purpose, it also lets you see inventory at a glance. Even in a traditional kitchen with standard top-and-bottom cabinetry, shelves provide added storage that can be reconfigured as needed or as the design of the kitchen changes.