Monday, April 18, 2011

Your Tuscan Kitchen


The classic Tuscan farmhouse look is great for kitchens and dining areas. It creates a warm, inviting atmosphere and provides a comfortable space for cooking and eating.
When you get started designing your own kitchen, you should consider basing your color scheme around the colors of your furniture. With the Tuscan look, we want to start with some cool, slightly distressed coloring including browns, blues, blacks and grays. This style usually uses a bright color as the base for painting the walls, which sets off the darker colors of the furniture. Walls should be either a white with a yellow tint or, if you’re feeling bold, a yellow base with brown sponged on top.
When buying furniture, look for something classic, and don’t be afraid of something that looks a little worn. Nicks and dings are your best friends here, so keep that in mind. Buying antique furniture works well for this look, especially if you can afford a few coats of paint on top of it. Add your own stress marks, and voila, you have your own custom furniture. Watch for a good deals on hutches, cabinets, and other storage options.
Acquiring wall hangings and decorations is a lot of fun with this look. You may have to scour yard sales and antique shops to find exactly what you’re looking for, but it becomes a real treasure hunt. Look for farm scene paintings, pictures of animals, some dried wheat or corn stalks, and then offset it with some decorative iron hangings and candles. Distress marks on frames and hangings are just fine, even if you need to add them yourself. Ceramic figurines make great shelf additions, and a set of old books will add to the look nicely. The look you’re going for is old world, like the place your grandmother grew up. It’s meant to feel comfy and lived in, and just a little worn around the edges.

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