Friday, October 21, 2011

Christmas decor ideas

Here is my birdcage that is part of the centerpiece.  I added Christmas greenery, battery lights and a cardinal.
I will also be using some grapevine cone trees.
I need to go work on my pillows and napkins.  I will show you those when I am finished. will love the post I will do when I get to see everyone’s tables.  They are always amazing.  

Neighborhood Photo Linky Party

Did you get out and take photos of the homes in your neighborhood?  I hope so.
The homes in my neighborhood were mostly built in the 70s.  I have 2 previous posts here and here showing you different tours.  I have also mentioned that I live where trees are hard to come by, but it is not as obvious in the older neighborhoods like mine.  My favorite street has an area that is tree lined and it has some of the biggest houses.  Of course there are other neighborhoods that have humungous homes, but these homes are big for the area I live in.
I will start off with one of my favorites.  This home is newer and built in the 90s in one of the last empty lots.  It is very custom and so pretty.
IMG_0466 copy
There is a cute little bridge on the left side of the house.
IMG_0470 copy
And a large beautiful fountain on the right side.
IMG_0463 copy
IMG_0463 copy2
The door is gorgeous.
IMG_0469 copy2
IMG_0468 copy
The gutters are made of copper and they all have the green patina on them.
IMG_0585 copy
IMG_0585 copy
Such a pretty home.  It is always decorated so nice for the different seasons.
The next house I will show you is across the street from house above.
During the summer of 2008, the family of this home had just completed an extensive remodel and had just moved everything back into the home when the house caught on fire.  The wiring for the security system  caught fire and gutted the home. The system caught fire the day it was being installed.  The windows were blown out and at least half of the roof was totally gone.  The family once again lived elsewhere while the house was renovated this time inside and out.  It doesn’t even look like the same home.  I had a really hard time photographing the house because it was 8:30 in the morning and the sun was right above the roof line.  I had to hide behind the shade of trees to get some of the photos I took.
Here’s the first shot with the intense sun.  I did get good sun flare, but I really didn’t want it.
Here are some other shots where I hid from the sun.
This is the left side of the home.  I love the flower beds and the rock accent on the columns.
IMG_0575 copy_edited-1
The front.
IMG_0577 copy_edited-1
More of the home on the right side.  I didn’t hide from the sun very well here.
IMG_0576 copy_edited-1
And the entire house.
Look in the trees and you will see remnants of toilet paper.  I tried to get my photos on Saturday morning before everyone was out and about and this house had been toilet papered on Friday night so I had to go back on Sunday morning.  They missed a few pieces.  Smile
So that’s my last neighborhood tour post.  Now it is time to see yours.  I am looking forward to seeing all the different types of design and architecture.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stocking Holders

RAZ Christmas collections offer whimsical stocking holders in
every collection.  Their fun designs look great on a Christmas mantel.
Not only can they hold all your families Christmas Stockings
but they can also be used to hang a Christmas garland.

Today we are featuring the four stocking holders from the
RAZ Santa Approved Collection. 

Matching Present ornaments from the Santa Approved Collection are also available.
Four flocked present ornaments in red and lime green.    

Stocking Holders ReVaMp

If you've never visited Shanty 2 Chic head over and partake of their fabulousness! I look forward to checking in everyday to see what new ideas they have. Thank you Shanty Sisters for sharing your talents with the rest of us.
Now for the revamp....
SO, I had these shiny gold "SANTA" stocking holders that I just loved when I bought them a few years back. WELL....they just aren't doin' it for me anymore. Quite SHANTY don't you think?

While I was studying up on my Pottery Barn Catalogs, I saw this picture. So beautiful, right? *CHING* on came the light!

This is what I did:

Took the fuzzy stuff off the bottom of the holder. It peels right off. I saved it so I could reuse it. Then I took out the little screw and removed the weight.
Under the weight it has little screws that hold the letter onto the holder. I removed those.
Then, I went on a hunt for some old frames I've been keeping. PERFECT!
I removed all the backs and glass from them.

Now for the fun part...I took the party outside and sprayed the hooks and frames all with RUSTOLEUM (Satin Classic, low-sheen finish) in a pretty red. LOVE IT!
Then once the frames dried I scuffed them up a bit with medium grit sandpaper.
I screwed the weight back into the bottom of the holders and stuck the fuzzy stuff back on. Then I got my GOOP glue and spread it on the top of the holder to attach the frame.
Since I don't own a pair of clamps (hint, hint, Santa!) I rubberbanded them together to hold until they were dry. (About 2-3 hrs.)

Next, I found some pictures of the little chicks and the hooks found their place on my mantle....DONE! The kids should be able to spot thier stocking on Christmas morning without a problem. Thanks again Shanty Sisters. You guys are great!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Crafts room

Every crafty lady daydreams about an impeccably decorated and organized craft room. One day you’ll get yours and I’ll get mine! But for now lets look at some great craft room ideas!
My most favorite craft room of all time is Heather Bailey’s. Everything about this room is perfect. From the pale pink walls to the funkified antique furniture. It is the perfect blend of beauty and function. I want!

Here is another great craft room. Simple, clean, classy. Desks can be made with any sort of shelf or cabinetry and a hard surface on top. Keep your eye out for furniture items that you think could be made into a desk.
This is such a beautiful closet craft room. I love the wallpaper behind the shelves. The color palate is what really makes this space delightful.
Of course most of us will never get a huge dreamy craft room, but whether you get a whole room, a closet or corner, or just the occasional daydream, here are some things to remember when planning your craft space:
Of course the number one reason that you have a craft room is so that you can actually do crafts. In all your glorious plans make this aim the central focus of your room. If you spend a lot of time sewing, then think of the best way to store thread. Sketch out your space and imagine yourself working through a project, where would things be most easily accessible. If you scrapbook or paper craft, an old card catalogue with lots of small drawers can be a great way to organize your embellishments. Just think about the things that you’ll be using all the time and build your room around that.
Remember that your room is a place for you to go and create. Sensory input is a huge part of inspiration. Paint your walls your favorite color, or the compliment of your favorite color. Put up a huge bulletin board and every time you see a great photo, postcard, magazine article grab it and post it on your board. Here is a great idea from Martha Stewart — A large frame painted white and a piece of homasote fiberboard cut to size and covered in fabric.
Use the height of the walls to your advantage, when you buy furniture for your room go big! You’ll never know when you will need an extra drawer or a nice long work surface. If your space is pretty small, a drop-leaf table is a great item to have. Ikea has big ones and small ones, this one is only $50.
Don’t get caught up in making everything match or coordinating the style of your desk to your cabinet and shelf. Have some fun with it! Go to garage sales and pick up some unique items, China hutches make great storage units, Just take out the glass and everything becomes more accessible. Anything that has a shelf in it can have holes drilled and a dowel inserted and you have a ribbon rod. The best thing about variety is that you can add to your room at any time, you don’t have to do it all in one day or one week, just collect items here and there, customize them with a little paint or glaze, maybe add a shelf, rods or hooks, and pretty soon you’ll have a beautiful and functional space.
Be Creative:
The reason you have this dedicated space is because you love to create! Don’t rush through the “decoration” process, use it as your creative outlet. Paint some wide horizontal stripes on the wall, Mod Podge patterned paper onto the top of an old table, sew some chair pads or reupholster your chair. Whatever crafts that you like to do, tie those into your room and really make it your own.
Tell me about your craft room. Do you have your dream room? I’d love to see it. If not, what great ideas do you have to make your space truly yours.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Tiffany Blue Christmas


The new pictures for Tiffany's holiday campaign are absolutely stunning. I'll take the snow, the guy, and whatever is in that little blue box of course :)

Tiffany Blue Christmas

Tiffany Christmas
Tiffany Blue Christmas
When you are trying to come up with a color scheme for your Christmas home decorating take inspiration from your favorite things- flowers, food, nature, shoes etc. Try doing something bold and be inspired from your favorite fashion designer or boutique. Hermes orange, Valentino Red or in this particular blog articles case Tiffany & Co’s iconic blue box!
Turquoise and Teal are unconventional Christmas colors but are very in fashion is both large and small portions. This color always makes me think of the perfect shade that is Tiffany blue. Imagine turning your home into a Tiffany’s Christmas masterpiece. This color goes well with light medium and dark woods, light and dark modern or traditional homes…. there is always a great way to bring Turquoise in!
Here are some fabulous Tiffany decorating ideas:
Teal and blue Christmas Holiday
Teal and blue Christmas decorating
My favorite combination for Turquoise or blue Christmas color schemes is white. White is the freshest way to make a color pop, as if the Christmas ornaments had been dropped in the snow. Add a hint of silver and you have instant sparkle and shine. Turquoise is very in style for Christmas 2010. Try it at home in varying shades from blue to sea foam green in both bold and pastel shades. This look is both fresh and icy! Use vintage mirrors and crisp white lace on your table, don’t forget the silverware! For a great shade of blue for your walls or invitations pick something similar to Sherwin Williams SW6464 Aloe.
Teal Christmas Decor
Teal & Turquoise Christmas Decor
Have you created a beautiful Tiffany’s blue Christmas for yourself? I would love to see the results. Let me know how it went and how you made it extra special.

Blue Christmas

Oh Tiffany & Co., I would really love to live inside your new ad campaign (and your stores for that matter)! These images have me anxiously awaiting that first snowfall, and perhaps great things in tiny packages. Santa, are you out there?

Decorating with Tiffany Blue


I was browing Canada's Style At Home website and found this fresh and beautiful Christmas inspiration photo.

I love the deterant from typical a Christmas color scheme: reds, whites, greens and golds. Tiffany blue, silver and white are the perfect combination for modernity, class and sparkle to add that special "Christmas Magic" (as my niece calls it).

Here are a few more WHITE inspired Christmas trees:

What Holiday color scheme are you into these days?

Christmas decorating ideas

christmas decorations ideas
Looking for Christmas decorating ideas to bring the holiday spirit to your home, in this article we show some pictures of Christmas decorating ideas, Christmas is a religious and secular holidays celebrated around the world every year. Particularly in the United States, the holiday season begins after Thanksgiving and continues until New Year’s Day. To prepare your home for Christmas decorations this season, here are some interesting ideas about decorating for Christmas decorations and Christmas trees both inside and outside the home.
Christmas decorating ideas
But it’s all in the Christmas decorating ideas you have to reflect your lifestyle. When we decorate rooms for holidays try to have an eclectic decor that is placed around your home. Other decorators prefer more subdued decorating scheme or traditional.
christmas decorating ideas
We already know that there are many Christmas decorations filling the mall shelves today that come in a wide array of prices, colors, sizes, styles, and brands.
christmas decorating ideas

Christmas dinner table decorations

christmas table decorations
Christmas came again and how we prepare for Christmas decorations this year? One thing to note is the decoration on the Christmas dinner table this year. If you weigh more than normal amount of people at the Christmas dinner table, consider moving the dining table in the middle of the room where the whole family gathered. Christmas dinner table decorations using bright colors and shiny ornaments.The Day is almost here, and here’s some ideas Christmas table decorations this year.
christmas dining table decorations
christmas table decorations

French Country Interior Design

“French country interior design is a unique, and very addictive form of rustic chic.”
french country interior design
French country interior decorating has some character traits that really are distinctly French. It has its own way of …
… bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out,
… adding ornament (particularly above doors), and
… using antique fabrics in wonderfully creative ways.
The fluidity of boundaries between home and outdoors, and the inventive use of ornament and textiles are probably the most conspicuous aspects of authentic French country interior design …
free e-book about interior color schemes
… but there’s much more to this style, and you’ll find additional tips & tricks for French country home design in the links below. (If you scroll down a little, you’ll see them – or just read on!)
If you’re particularly interested in French country style wall treatments, or flooring, or pottery from Provence, you’ll find information about these on the page about Provence Interiors.

A chair like the one in this picture would be perfectly at home in French country decor along the German or Swiss border, but not at all among the cool blue-and-white of, say, La Rochelle on the Atlantic coast, only 500 miles away.
Interestingly, most people outside France find that French country interior design is really summed up in the farmhouses and cottages of Provence.

French Country Interior Design,
Provence Style

The south-eastern corner of France, with its seductive scents of lavender, rose, herbs and honey, is what most of us have in mind when we think (or dream) of French country home design.
French Country Style Basics
Country French style basics design (also known as French Country) has emerged from the scenic villages of the south of France to become one of the most popular styles of interior design around the world. The look is casual, inviting, and fuss-free – the charm lies in the rustic feel of the furniture and accessories and the easy, cheerful combination of colors. Country French interior design can work for anyone, on any kind of budget. Keep these tips in mind to turn relaxing in your home into a daily vacation in Provence.
See French Country design in action in this bedroom slideshow
French Country Style Basics: Colors
Color is of course important in any interior design plan you have, and this is especially true of Country French style. The colors most associated with Country French are soft, foamy greens, bright yellows and golds, rust, red, and splashes of blues, pinks, and lavender purple. These colors create a bright and cheery environment while allowing the natural rustic wood and rod iron features associated with Country French furniture to shine through.
It is common within this style to see mixing and matching of colors and prints that might not be obvious, or might even be frowned upon in other schools of interior design. Mix a floral with a plaid – no problem!
Country French Style Basics: Fabrics
Probably the fabric most associated with Country French design is toile. Toile, which translates as “cloth” in French, is fabric with a white or beige background that is adorned with repeating pictures. Generally, the pictures feature a scene – a couple in a boat or a couple sitting underneath the trees are both common – but the pictures sometimes are simply made up of churches, birds, flowers, or nature scenes. The colors most often used for the print are red and blue, however, you may also find green, black, or even brown. Toile has become hugely popular and is widely available in a variety of price ranges.
Roosters are another major motif in Country French design and can be found on everything from fabric to wallpaper.
The emphasis for furniture is on the rustic feel – it doesn’t have to be perfect – in fact, the more lived in, the better! You want to look for furniture that is low gloss and natural looking. Dark woods are often used, as are pieces that have been stripped and painted an off white or soft green color.
Wrought iron and distressed metal are also an important part to the Country French. Look for wrought iron or distressed lamps, tables, and clocks.
The Finishing Touches
Accessorizing is a breeze with Country French, given the recent upsurge in popularity of the style. Roosters are found in just about every guise imaginable, from salt and pepper shakers and pitchers to door stops. Search out your local antique shops and flea markets for treasures like French apothecary jars, pseudo-French train station signage, and even furniture. Remember, the emphasis is on casual and welcoming, so a few imperfections only make your style even more convincing.
No Country French home would be complete without flowers. Any kind of flowers you like will work well here, but don’t forget to include a bunch of lavender here and there to really get the feel of the French countryside.
French Country Interior Decorating Ideas
The French Country decorating style was taken from the simplicity of French countryside farmhouses.
Deciding the decorating style that you will use in your home is never an easy decision. Each style of interior design has its own style and flavor that greatly enhances your living environment. Take the time to explore each style to find the one that suits your home, tastes and sense of style. French Country interior designs take elements from nature and bring them into the home.
When you decorate your home in the French Country style, it is necessary to bring in the elements from the countryside. This translates into sky blues, lush greens and lavender. You can also use creamy whites for furnishings and walls with the vibrant colors of nature used to accent the room. An earthy and aged look is common on the walls in a country French home. Taupe color and texturing gives the walls the appearance of aged stone walls.


French Country furniture is a mix of many different periods in French history, from heavy Baroque to delicate pieces from the Rococo period. Today a French Country interior design mixes different pieces together to create a warm and inviting look that is relaxed and functional. The armoire is an example of French Country style that is a favorite choice for a French Country bedroom. Pieces are placed in a room for the best functionality of the furniture.


Stone and tile flooring is a common choice for a French Country design. The stone and terra cotta tile bring elements of nature into the home in the classic French Country style. Painted tile is not common, but you can use it in the style in moderation. A French Country home does not contain carpeting but may have smaller area rugs scattered throughout the home.
Wood floors are a natural element in a French Country home. A wood floor in this interior style will remain natural but sealed and polished.


Decorative accents in the French Country style are functional items that are displayed in the home and are still used by the occupants of the home. Books and urns are excellent accent pieces that serve a functional purpose yet add to the overall beauty of the home. Candlestick holders and mirrors are common French Country accent pieces for a room.

Interior design ideas for curtains

How to choose curtains for your home
Never underestimate the power of a new pair of curtains. Not only will they give your home a fresh new look, they’ll also keep it lovely and toasty on those cold winter nights. But good curtains don’t come cheap so it’s worth doing a bit of research before you hit the shops.

How to choose curtains for your home

Top Tips
When buying a curtain pole, allow for it to extend beyond the window at either side by 10-20cm so that curtains can be drawn right back. See our video on how to put up a curtain pole.
Curved bay window? Silent Gliss sells bendable track and poles. Cord-operated systems make heavy or difficult to reach curtains easier to control.
For a modern look, combine curtains with a roller blind that either contrasts or coordinates with the curtain fabric.
Grubby net curtains are never a good look. Update your windows with panels of delicately patterned white voile.
Vertical striped curtains trick the eye into making a ceiling appear taller – perfect for a small room.
Ready made or bespoke?
The first thing you need to decide is whether to have curtains made or buy them off the shelf. If you’re in a rush, readymade curtains are quick and easy. John Lewis has some lovely, affordable styles, with prices starting from just £9.50 for a pair of plain cotton curtains. If you can afford it, always go for lined curtains which will hang better than unlined ones, and help keep your room dark when the curtains are drawn.
Made to measure curtains are pricier but the sky’s the limit when it comes to the designs and colours you can choose. Marks & Spencer offers 500 fabrics in their Made To Order range. At Laura Ashley, a plain woven velvet fabric will set you back £40 per metre, but don’t forget to factor in the cost of lining plus making the curtains up on top. Most companies will send you a swatch of fabric so you can see how the material looks in your home before ordering.
If you’re thinking about making your own curtains, the golden rule is always be generous with the fabric. Nothing looks worse than skimpy curtains. Check and double check measurements before cutting the fabric.
Which fabric to choose?
Look for good quality, heavyweight fabrics like linen blends or woven jacquards. Over time, cheap material may go shiny. Transform a jaded bedroom by hanging luscious velvet or silk curtains, then finish with a butter-soft fluffy rug – simply divine!
Linings are almost as important as the curtain fabric. A quality lining will give budget materials a longer lease of life. Choose thermal lining to keep out the chill in a draughty room, or interlining which provides an extra layer of padding to make curtains super-thick and cosy. For kids’ bedrooms, blackout lining should hopefully ensure a good night’s sleep for them – and you!
Latest looks
Current trends are veering away from fussy swags and flounces towards a more tailored approach. Next has a huge selection of eyelet curtains designed to flatter contemporary furniture. Hung from a pole, eyelet styles produce a sleeker look than traditional pencil pleat curtains and there are no fiddly hooks or clips to worry about. Pelmets are also back in fashion. A flat pelmet covered in silk looks surprisingly contemporary, just the thing for a formal dining room.

Long or short?

Whether you choose sill length or floor length curtains is really a matter of personal taste, although floor length styles do have a more luxurious feel. Sill-length drapes cost less, and are popular in bathrooms and kitchens. They also make a practical choice above radiators to allow heat to circulate.

Plain or patterned?

Take a good look at your scheme before deciding on a pattern. Too many different designs can create a busy, distracting effect. For a relaxed ambience, opt for either patterned curtains with plain walls, or vice versa. You can always dress up plain curtains with beautiful beaded tie backs or coloured glass poles.

Curtains can really be called enhancing utility harvest.
Curtains serve many purposes like decoration, change the look of the opportunity, changing the style and design of a window, block light and provide privacy to the home.
Cotton and silk were and will subdue remain the most standard fabrics for curtains.
Additional synthetics, like polyesther have gained impose a curfew in past few years. Self prints, construct patterns colored weaves and patterns are uncommon ways curtain tapistries are ornamented. The new array of the Pinella Curtains will surely change the entire look and feel.

Curtain design ideas
Curtains used to be dull and boring, designed to keep heat in and prying eyes out. But today’s designs can be a style statement in their own right. Drab shades have given way to bright lively colours, patterns are funky and chic, and fabrics pure luxe. So it’s definitely time to make curtains the focal point of your room.

Interior design for kids rooms

Decorating Kids Rooms
School’s out for summer! There is no better time to begin organizing and implementing fun new decor in your kids bedrooms. Changing up their space can give them a renewed sense of personal style and inspire a summer full of imagination and creativity. Whether you spring for a major overhaul, or only need something as simple as a wall decal, take a look into their bedrooms and try to involve them in deciding on fresh new bedroom decor for 2010. For those of you in need of updated baby nursery ideas, there has never been a better time to find inspiration, products and resources. For the modern family, there are amazing new furniture and accessory companies that cater to contemporary and modern styles.

Modern Kids Room with Wood Slat Wall

Modern Kids Room with Sitting Chair & Ottoman
Below is a stylish nursery that has an interesting color palette. The side wall is painted a deep navy and the ceiling in white with yellow semi-gloss stripes. Having this contrast allows the eye to travel, all the way down to the cow hide rug that grounds the room. There is also a large armoire placed on the navy wall to help break up the solid color, as well as a window to offset the darkness the navy brings to the space. I love the black mobile over the crib and touch of orange and camel fabrics in the furnishings. It works harmoniously due to these well thought out balances

Stylish Nursery with Bold Colors

A simple solution to dress up a nursery, or any room for that matter are DIY, removable Wall Decals. Sometimes a room only needs a pop of color and a fun design, such as this over-sized Kids on Swings wall decals by WALLTAT.
WALLTAT Wall Decal – Kids on Swings
WALLTAT Wall Decal – Kids on Swings
Set of three… this room offers a simple furniture layout and color palette for a mini soccer team of boys. The accessories and patterns within the bedroom create interest and offer a masculine and playful feel.

Boys Room for Three

Space is sometimes an issue for most extra bedrooms, and like all urban settings when you can no longer build out, you must build up. This pink and white girls bedroom uses tiered layers for the study area with a slide under bed. Tall cabinetry and wall mount shelving promote organization and storage solutions.
Space Saving Tiered Layout for Girls Bedroom
Layers of millwork create this custom look below. Space issues were also solved with building upwards and a central staircase that are used as drawers. Every inch of this gender neutral bedroom is filled with cabinetry, drawers, shelving and cabinetry. Now that’s efficient. Another element worth noting is the continuous block under the ground level bed that serves as nightstands and bed support. Brilliant.
Custom Millwork for a Gender Neutral Bedroom for Two
More simple solutions for kids bedrooms are full wall murals from Wall Stickers. These add huge amounts of color and are available in a wide range of characters, movie themes, comics and superheros.
At KIDS we carry over 35 different manufacturers that all make a wide range of children’s products. This allows us to set up complete bedroom vignettes to help you visualize ideas for your own homes.
Kid’s Interior Design Store carries products for all ages from infants to teens.
In addition, we have complete catalogues, fabrics, measurements and colour samples allowing you to customize everything to your own preferences and needs. KIDS friendly staff can make the most complex room fun and easy to order.
Wall stickers or kids room are allow you with not much money and effort to achieve excellent results. Individual motifs and images such as bees, fish, flowers and clouds in cartoon hero (favorite children’s Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, modern and Bakugan Ben Ten) to complete compositions, anyone can create the desired decoration.

Advantage is that the wall stickers come off easily and moved or replaced, while small your kids grow and change their interests. Still do not know whether a boy or a girl? You can opt for something neutral like small animals – dogs, cats, lions and more. Glued to the furniture, these stickers are easy to remove and not leave marks on surfaces. There are even stickers on the wall that you can remove easily and quickly without having to repaint the wall after that.

This makes the wall stickers for kids room more preferred compared with painted motifs for example.
Wall stickers for kids room on the wall is not advisable to stick on delicate surfaces (eg painted plaster or paper wallpaper). In this case, they could inflict damage on the surface for their elimination.
This type of stickers and ease of use make them ideal for people who live in rent and possible decoration of the kids room, you will not need to repaint walls or obstruction of nail holes for hanging posters and pictures. We give you some photo ideas for wall stickers for kids rooms.

Bathroom design

The bathroom is the fastest growing trend setting room in the house. We’ve all heard estate agents and TV personalities saying the bathroom will sell your house, and to a degree this is true to a greater extent these days.

A sactuary away from everything and everyone? A safe haven to dance around naked and enjoy the heat of bubbles and mirrors! Well certainly interior designers have embraced the bathroom as a centrally significant room in any house, and interior design products have certainly catered for our changing needs in the washroom. Classic thick enamel baths may be a thing of the past, but they also can have their place, just as the Victorian wash stands, wood cladding and any traditional interior you can name for a bathroom setting.
That’s the beauty of interior design for your home, there’s no right and wrong, merely a set of simple rules to choose whether to avoid or not, and away you go, you can reshape and modify your bathroom to any end today. We’ll be looking at window coverings such as waterproof shutters, floor tiles and wall tiles, room accessories to add a personal touch as well as bathroom cabinets and finishes. Lets not forget the importance of lighting for your bathroom with LED lights and down lighters (don’t forget building regs and IP values) – and we’ll be showing you hopefully that the bathroom really can be a place to recharge and relax in an intimate environment when you’ve put the boss to sleep and clocked off for the day.

Rustic interior design ideas

Rustic Interior Decorating Ideas
Nature is a wonderful decorating inspiration but your rustic decor need not look like a cabin in the deep woods. You can decorate rustic with a modern sensibility to create strong room character using rustic influences in any part of the home.
Rustic Basics
Your home may have basic rustic features without adding to it. Homes with natural wood paneling, exposed beams, unfinished wooden stair rails, ceiling fans, and wooden window frames already have rustic features. But you can add rustic features with a few design elements.
Give your front porch, door, and outdoor entry space rustic touches with colorful wreathes and door art, and yard flags. Place perennial natural displays like interesting wood, vines or rocks in decorative vases or on porch rails to give entry ways a bit of personality.


Bring rustic decor to a kitchen with a large pine or maple farm kitchen table. If you’re looking for sophisticated rustic, select a farm table with a darker finish. Natural pine color looks more rustic and should be used sparingly as it communicates cabin living rustic. A long dark farm table is a beautiful design statement in a kitchen. A large bowl of fresh fruit like lemons or apples, or a flower and fruit dried arrangement on the table is classic rustic.
Add today’s homey kitchen design themed rugs, curtains and kitchen canisters with images of prancing chickens or other whimsical designs and bring a bit of rustic design to the kitchen.
Family Room
The family room is the best place to bring dominant rustic design elements. Use dark stained, heavy wood cabinets, hutches, and sideboards or even a family room bar. If you have collections of smaller table display items, the family room is where you’ll want to display them.
Family rooms tend to have additional wall space for hanging paintings or framed quilts or other rustic artwork. Consider a large focal point in the room above a fireplace to set the design tone in the space.


Bathrooms can pose a challenge to decorate rustically. Use color to impart rustic decor into a bathroom space. Several shades of complementary dark green on bathroom walls mixed with pure white or a dark or lighter shade of brown is a beautiful rustic color palette for the bath.
Window treatments in rustic spaces can take advantage of wood features like indoor panel shutters. Fabric curtains that allow for part of the window to remain uncovered, such as a half curtain or a valance. Look for small bathroom vanity storage containers that complement this decor.
Rustic Interior Design Ideas
Rustic design is all about bringing nature indoors. The use of wood is key, with the both key and accent pieces looking like they were just brought in from outside. Remember the “rough” in rustic and then layer in fabrics that will soften the hard surfaces of the wood, in a color palette that is neutral with browns and creams, or truly bring in the forest and use more brown and green.

Wall and Ceiling Details

Rustic design is all about wood elements. Imagine a log cabin and incorporate those construction ideas. Add real or faux wood beams to the ceiling of a living room or bedroom. This works best when there are very tall ceilings and angled ceilings. If you are decorating a room with wood paneling, this is one design that is reinforced with wood walls. If you are working with drywall, another option is to add a chair rail and install paneling on the lower part of the wall, usually the lower third of it. Rustic design is represented by dark colors, so don’t paint the paneling and chair rail–stain the wood instead.

Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is key in rustic resign. Look for heavy, large-scale, medium- to dark-wood furniture for accent tables and a great rustic bed. The pieces you select don’t have to be traditional in style. Instead of a traditional square cocktail table, use a tree trunk cut to show the rings in the tree. For a rustic bedroom, search for a bed with tree limb posters.


All that wood needs to be softened with fabrics. Dark, rich colors are indicative of rustic design, especially dark forest green and burgundy. Incorporate ultra suede for softness, along with cotton, tapestry in geometric patterns, and brocade, even linen. Silk is not a good choice for rustic.

Flooring and Rugs

Anchor furniture with a floor rug. Rustic floor rugs can be braided rag rugs in vivid colors or rich plush area rugs in darker colors. Some rustic style rugs even feature forest or animal motifs to really connect the room with nature.


Hang antiques on the wall, such as a wagon wheel or rusted weather vane, for a true rustic touch. Have lanterns converted into table lamps, and make your own picture frames by gluing twigs onto a store bought frame.