Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Organizing Kids Spaces

Organization is a learned behavior - so start young. Of course, some people are born with the gift of organization and some have to really work at it. Make it easier for your kids by having a place for everything. A personalized photo basket for each family member helps keep clutter at bay. Each family members photo is clipped to the basket.

Wood shelves and wood buckets with labels are my kind of kids storage!

Organization is key to kids wanting to create art. Attaching the roll of art paper to the side wall is brilliant. The roll of paper is out of the way until someone has the desire to make some art.
S&S Worldwide Paper Roll Holder/Cutter
S&S Worldwide Paper Roll Holder/Cutter

Clever idea - design and make a bench to fit over large plastic storage containers.

Pocket organizers for the closet.

Pamela says, "Opaque fabric across the glass on the bi-fold doors conceals occasional closet clutter."

Terrific organized art center for kids.

ClosetMaid 898300 15-Cube Laminate Shoe Organizer, White

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