Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How do you store your bags?

Ok, admit it, we all have so many bags until our cupboards are so full. As a messy person that I am, I usually come home and put the bags wherever there’s place and leave them there until my mum comes and nags me. lol.
How do YOU store your handbags?
Most people find it hard to store bags if they have limited space in their rooms (or for those who do not have a walk in closet). Ooh, how I want a walk in closet when I grow up! lols.
Walk in Closet from the container store
So, since some of us don’t have the luxury of parading bags properly in a closet, here are some ways to store your handbags:
In boxes/baskets. I stay in a typical Malaysian house, and I have one room to myself(no walk ins for me), so the best thing I did was chuck some in a laundry basket thingy. Works well with boxes and any other container like a chest or other big storage area.
Ikea Laundry Bag with Stand, RM45
On hangers in closets/behind doors. If you have enough closet space, then I guess you can hang some in the cupboard. That is if your cupboard is big enough also right? Or try behind doors or anywhere on your wall. Of course, the downside, dusty bags you will get!
Ikea hooks RM45
If you can keep your bags/clothes so organized like this, respect! HAHAH(image credit)
On Coat hangers. Some people do this. Hang them on coat hangers. Addy’s question was where to get these coat hangers. I found one in Ikea, but its a bit not right for handbags. Lookie below:
Ikea hat and coat stand, RM119
But, but, wait a second, I found a better one, its from a new online shopping site for furniture that I’ve just discovered (How amusing, buying furniture online!). Its called Furniture4u.com.my. I think this online furniture shop is not located in KL but somewhere in the North region of Malaysia. So, shipping cost would be very expansive if you live in KL or South of Malaysia, just be very careful when buying :)
Coat hanger for RM70 at Furniture4u. This would work i guess, if you have like 10 bags to hang!:)
Strap it up! This new way of hanging bags is so interesting. It is made out of heavy duty cloth with little handles to button your bags in it and hang just like this one from Gin&Jacqie. It can be hung behind doors, or any wall areas, probably even in a closet!
5 Straps Organizer from Gin&jacqie.com, RM45. It works something like this, same concept, but slightly different product by this Pinoy brand called bypockets:

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