Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Children’s Bedroom Designs

Children’s Bedroom Designs
pace may be the last real luxury, but in many parts of the world, even parents don’t have the luxury of a private bedroom. In most individual-oriented Western cultures, however, private spaces are considered important even for youngsters.
In the United States, open-plan homes that blend family rooms with kitchens exist side by side with master bedroom suites and dedicated children’s wings. The pull between togetherness and privacy is constant — and perfectly natural. While a bedroom of one’s own may be the American ideal, many children find a shared room less lonely, and they contentedly share bedrooms as long as their own turf within the room is clearly marked. Ingenious furniture designs, such as the clever loft bed with drawers and desk space below or the trundle bed with a pull-out bed for guests, can make just about any size space workable.
If generous square footage isn’t essential in a child’s room, what is? Natural light from at least one fair-size window, for one thing. Sunlight aids the absorption of vitamin D and can alleviate the winter-borne depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It also makes any room look and feel larger and airier. You can multiply the effect of windows with strategically placed mirrors, but make sure they are unbreakable or wait until children are old enough not to whack mirrors during play.
For shared rooms, try to provide equal access to the window (but be certain to outfit it with safety bars to make sure no one can fall or climb out; screens don’t count). Avoid heavy, elaborate window treatments that attract dust and can tempt youngsters into potentially dangerous hanging stunts. Instead, you may want to choose simple, washable curtains or shades (be sure to keep cords on halyards or cleats high out of reach). Room-darkening shades, the kind found in hotel rooms, may be helpful for reluctant nappers.  http://decoration.sniperslive.com/childrens-bedroom-designs/

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