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Window Drapes


Window Drapes
Window Drapes
Window Drapes

These days, a good number of people who want window drapes and curtains are shopping online. By doing so, they are able to land some of the best pieces ever. However, when you shop for window drapes from a web store, you need to send in exact window measurements.
Measuring for window drapes is not awfully hard. But, there are certain steps to follow.
You will need:
A retractable measuring tape
A pencil
A paper pad
Before you take the measurements, decide whether:
- You want formal drapes or informal café curtains.
- You want your window drapes hanging slightly below the bottom of the window opening. If so, you would need to measure approximately 4 inches below the bottom of the window.
- You want your drapes hanging to the floor in which case you need to measure from the top of the rod to an inch above the floor.
- You want the window drapes hanging from ceiling to floor (not just from the top of the window alone), in which case you will measure from about an inch below the ceiling to an inch above the floor.
It is a good idea to get curtain rods and fix them in place before you order your curtains. Curtain rods are hung approximately 6 inches above the frame, and the rods must stretch about 2-3 inches to each side of the window. If you’re in doubt, discuss your needs with the salesperson.
Measuring width:
Width is always measured and mentioned first. Simply measure the width of the rod, from the first clip on one end to the first clip on the other end. You do this so you can leave out the decorative end pieces of the rod, if any. For generous folds in the drapes, multiply the width by two.
Measuring height:
Measure from the bottom of the clip or ring down to the place where you want the drape to hang.
In case you do not have curtain rods in place, measure the inside of the window casing for width. Measure the height from approximately six inches above the window frame to the length that you want the drape to hang.
Remember to measure each window separately even though these appear to be of the same size. Even small variations can have a huge visual impact. Be very meticulous in your measurements.
Custom made window drapes have many advantages. They give you the best deal for your money when compared to some other kinds of window treatments. Drapes help you control light, heat and sound levels. Besides, window drapes can be made to fit windows of any size whether these are corner windows, arched windows or bay windows. However, the beauty of custom made window drapes depends largely on proper measurements.
By Garret Lloyd
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