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Window Drapes


Window Drapes
Window Drapes
Window Drapes

Window drapes are called curtains by some and window hangings by others. They can be as light, sheer, and see through as a piece of chiffon or they can be as heavy, think, and opaque as a cotton shift. The choice is up to the individual. They can come in any color of the rainbow and any shade of color.
They can be made in virtually any material known to man. They can made to fit any length of window from the smallest, thinnest opening to largest, widest piece of glass. Whether your end result for choosing a window drape is functionally or style, you can have both and be just as happy.
The room that the window drape will be hanging in will weigh on the decision of what to choose. If you are trying to cover a window that is in the front of your house, you may be heading more towards the privacy angle than the stylish angle.
If you are choosing a window covering that can block outsides viewers from looking in, a lacy or sheer choice would not be the most practical. However, if you are trying to add a curtain to accent the color of your upstairs bedroom walls, then you have more of a range of options to choose from.
Even though there are extensive choices of pre-made window drapes or curtains, some may choose to have theirs specially made or make them themselves. Those that are handy with a sewing machine may most likely choose to make their own curtains or window drapes. They can take a personal pride in accomplishing this task all while being thrifty.
Those that do chose to hand make their own curtains or window drapes can really personalize them by choosing the exact fabric they want from the thickness to the color or pattern.
Others that may not be so sewing machine savvy may choose to employ a specialist who has expertise in this field. The specialists will come out, measure your windows or opening, and then sit down with you to hear what you are looking for in an end result. They will work to make a product that you want and that are happy with.
Whatever route you choose to go, a window drape or curtain is a reflection of your taste and style you exhibit in your home.
By Chris L. Jensen
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