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Curtains Ideas

Curtains Ideas
Curtains Ideas

Curtains Ideas

Using Window Curtains Ideas: Matching Colors and Coordinating Fabric as a Room Focal Point
One of the secrets to decorating is to define a focal point in a room, and many rooms are just plain boring, lacking a focal point like a fireplace. Use your window curtains to turn your windows into the missing focal point. By using an eye catching pattern or color, you can relatively inexpensively dress up a room. The options for your window curtains are almost endless. You can add a valence or cornice with coordinating fabric draperies, use swags, blinds or shades to add interest.
Window Curtains
Set the Mood Use sheer curtains and laces to set a peaceful, light mood. Use bright colorful fabric for a playful mood. Use contrasting colors for a dramatic mood Use intricate patterns with brushed antique brass curtain rods for an elegant mood. Soft window curtains set a mood of comfort and luxury. Silk window curtains are classically formal while cotton and linen are more relaxed. There are limitless possibilities when choosing window curtains. Whatever your theme and mood for the room, reflect it with your window curtains.
Window Curtains: How to Match Colors
If you struggle with matching colors in your decorating endeavors, here is a tried and true secret which will have you decorating like the pros. Take a quick trip to the paint section of your local hardware store. You will find paint chips in different hues of one color, and paint chips with several complimentary colors. These colors where chosen by interior designers as tried and true color combinations. You can trust that these colors will go beautifully together! Use the paint chip to choose your wall paint color, coordinating pillows, furniture, and window curtains. You can’t go wrong.
Another color coordinating tip is to create balance with contrast. Match floral fabric patterns with stripes. Contrast dark colors with light colors, large patterns with small patterns, and lines with circles. You can also contrast hot colors (like red, orange and yellow) with cool colors (like green and blue). For instance in a room with all cool blue walls and fabrics, a bright red throw pillow may be just the added to accent touch for a perfect balance. Contrasting colors include Purple/Orange, Green/Red, and Blue/Yellow.
Using these matching color guidelines to choose your window curtains will ensure a well decorated room that will please you for a long time.
By Nancy Hardey
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