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Cafe Curtains


Cafe Curtains
Cafe Curtains

The window in the kitchen is usually considered a valuable source of light. Many people also like to look out of this window while they are working in the kitchen. One of the curtain styles that best allows for light and external viewing is kitchen cafe curtains. These curtains typically cover only the bottom half of the window or the top half of the window.
Kitchen cafe curtains come in a wide variety of materials and patterns, so you should be able to choose the type of curtains that will create the look you are aiming for. If you can’t find a store carrying these curtains in a material that you like, they are also very simple to make on your own. They are basically just a strip of material with a pocket on the top for the rod to go through.
For those that just want a little bit of privacy and slightly less light coming in through the window, sheer kitchen cafe curtains would be a good choice. The material may be any color, or it might even be made of lace. This is a good option when your window doesn’t face a street or area where people might be walking by. They add style to the window without you losing a lot of visibility or light. Most people prefer not to have a bare window with no curtains.
Some people dress up kitchen cafe curtains a bit more by adding a valance to the top half of the window. A valance is a short strip of material that just covers a little bit of the window. By using a valance on the top half and a short curtain on the bottom half, you get a tiered look that is very popular. You can get a valance to match any curtain, or you can create a mix and match look by buying one that is similar in color but might have a different pattern.
Gingham, plaid, or checked material is another popular option, especially if you like the country decorating style. You can get these trimmed with ruffles or lace to make them a bit fancier and still stick to the country theme. If checks aren’t your favorite thing, you can get cotton curtains with various designs on them. Country style usually involves simple, old-fashioned patterns and bright colors like red, yellow, green, and blue.
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