Friday, April 15, 2011

Gold Curtains

There is always that one household that gold curtains will be the perfect decorative addition to, but it is usually a very balanced and designed interior that can handle such an implementation of color. Generally, browns, navy blue, greens, and reds. Of course the mixture of red, green and gold usually is reserved for the Christmas season, but if you change the shades to gold, olive green, and burgundy, the results will take on a new look and feel. Either using gold as the principle color or the accent can make or break a theme design. You will probably not want your window treatments as the focal point of any room, so keeping these shades and hues in check will be necessary.
A gold curtain with horizontal stripes of antique white bands will break up any overpowering image, and keep a cool and blending atmosphere in the room you choose to use these curtain panels. Another implementation is to have primary brown eyelet curtains will gold leme bands running horizontally, and make sure the are broad, as thing striped will make the room feel to busy, and can cause anxiety when stared at for too long. When it comes to a curtain rod for this color combination, a contrasting color will do best, or even a dark distressed brass curtain pole will do well. Under any circumstances do not use gold rods with the same color curtain, unless you are trying to recreate Liberace’s home.
The combination of gold silk curtains, and a set of sheer curtains using the eyelet curtain style will allow you to have two layers of curtain panels, one letting filtered light come through, and the other for complete privacy and decor value. The use of a double curtain rod will be needed to implement this variation of drapery. Adding some stylish curtain hardware like ornate metal tie backs, and finials on the ends of the rod will greatly add visual appeal to this overall treatment.
In the master bath using the use of gold shower curtains, with accentuating navy blue decorations, linens and area rugs will make for a royal style spa look that you will enjoy tremendously when occupying the room. The towels will look great if you have matching gold monograms or a print of some kind that matches the shower curtain. For a an even richer and luxurious look using a gold fabric shower curtain with a shower curtain liner will take your theme up a notch in a hurry. gold curtains

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