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Luxury Curtains


Luxury Curtains
Luxury Curtains

Its doom and gloom in the UK today with the credit crunch reigning supreme. Belts have been severely tightened and for those wanting to revamp their home with a new bathroom it may not be the best time.
However there are solutions to the problem and many cheaper ways to create a new look without a trip to MFI.
Accessorizing is the key to an original style and you can easily create a whole new look without the lengths of new fixtures and fittings.
Here are some tips for creating a luxury bathroom on a budget:
o If your bathroom is painted bright colours then completely white wash the walls as this will create a clear fresh look and the perfect canvass to begin your work of art.
o A bath panel in a simple wood finish is a good investment to conceal an unsightly bath. If you are lucky enough to own a traditional bath tub then it is worth renovating it as your bath can be a real centre piece.
o The addition of plants to your bathroom can give a real tranquil and fresh feel. I’m not talking a forest or cactus field but the odd trailing ivy can be really effective.
o A luxury shower curtain can give a real illusion of grandeur and shower liners mean that you can use some stunning material while still maintaining a clean look.
o Use woven baskets to tidy away all your bath treats and shampoos will make your bathroom look neater and tidier.
o Investing in some luxury towels makes any bath time experience go down well. Make sure you go for thick good quality luxury towels and choose a sophisticated colour palette.
If you fill your bathroom with elegant linens and accessories then you cannot fail to create a luxurious modern look. The bathroom is the place you begin and end your day and it is worth making this minimal investment to create a beautiful and pleasurable environment that will reflect the elegance of the rest of your home without having to go the full hog and buying a new suite.
Making sure the products you choose are of high quality and durable wear is really important. By buying quality products like bath shower curtains and luxury bath towels over time, they will last much longer and feel much more special.
By Coco W
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