Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Using Travel Souvenirs in Decorating

  Another fun souvenir you can get for decorating are maps. Both my husband and I love them. We picked this one up in Bermuda:

One of the best things I've ever found at a garage sale was a mat cutter. Now I can frame these maps and these unusal-sized prints easily and cheaply. I love maps, but you can run out of wall space quick. That's why I like to keep looking for other objects to use.  Of course, your trip photos can make some of the best decor around your home. Blow a few up nice and big or photoshop or picnik them to Black and White or Sepia tones.

(An antiqued photo I took in Italy and 3 photos I took in B&W in France.)

You can also make one of these huge map boards to keep track of where you travel, as well as display a few photos:

(see details of how to make this in my earlier post here.)

 I love the proof sheet look to these framed collage of summer shots. Heck, if you can find a turtle shell, bring it home!

I love the bright colors used in this summer vacation display. Many of the photoshop and picnik(free) let you turn those colors up to really pop.

(southern living)
I love how these are grouped and themed so that each framed collage is a seperate trip, yet the whole wall is of all the family's travels. I like how they labeled each collection.

(tracey vue)
Make a vintage-looking poster of your trip. Use that 70's effect on one of your photo editing programs.

(via poppytalk)
How easy would this display idea be to change out? Put new photos, vintage postcards and your trip maps up after each trip and rotate the display regularly.

Of course, you could go overboard with your trip photos and do this:
Watch out for a strong breeze!!

How about taking your trip photos and using your editing software to turn them into coloring pages for your kids?


Wouldn't that be fun for a present to help the kids remember during the year the fun memories they made during summer break?

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