Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cozy Outdoor Spaces

This time of year I love to be outside on the porch
or under an umbrella.

What can you do to make these spaces feel more cozy?

The same design principles that we use inside the house
work for an outdoor space.
In the picture above see how they added fabric
with a tablecloth and toss pillows.

Notice the potted flowers on the table and around the daybed.

More FABRIC--- the pillows and the tablecloth.
See how the lemons and the vase of flowers
make such a difference.
Imagine the space without these items --- it is not nearly as inviting.

I do love rocking chairs on a porch---
it just says RELAX to me.
There are toss pillows and potted plants
as well as a few tables to set a glass of lemonade.

So if you want to cozy up your outdoor space ---
even if it is just a little patio ---
add some fabric and FLOWERS!

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