Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Inexpensive Christmas Decorating Ideas For 2009 - Part One: Decorate What You Have

Part One: Decorate with What You Have

Most of us own some Christmas decorations, even if they’re hand me downs. When I say decorate with what you already own, though, I’m not just referring to some leftover ornaments and grandmother’s old nativity set.
Your browser may not support display of this image.Take a look around your house and see what you might easily transform into Christmas decorations. Do you have any teddy bears, dolls or other toys around? How about an old wooden sled or red wagon? Do you own any soft throws or quilts in holiday colors? Take inventory and see if you have a few Mason jars, clear vases or metal cookie cutters in holiday shapes. These are all Items you can use to decorate for the season.
Take the sled, sand it down and give it a coat of paint. If you’re the artistic sort, you could add a simple holiday picture like this one or, for the less talented, use white snowflake stencils on distressed red paint to add a touch of whimsy. Drape a bit of garland around the sled, add a couple of weighted gaily wrapped faux presents and prop the small vignette in a corner. It’s an instant touch of nostalgia and warm feelings.

Seat teddy bears and dolls on window sills and adorn them with winter scarves or sock hats or add a cheery holiday bow. You can use other toys, like a spinning top, wooden blocks or a jack in the box beneath the Christmas tree. Use the wooden blocks to spell out a holiday greeting on your fireplace mantel or at a table near your front door.

Fill Mason jars with Christmas-themed hard candies, cranberries, mini ornaments or pine cones and tie the neck with a big holiday bow. Metal cookie cutters make cute ornaments when they’re hung by a ribbon from the tree. You can toss a holiday colored throw over a rocker or use a quilt as a tree skirt.

Fill terra cotta pots with sand to make candle holders. You can paint the pots gold or silver and wrap the rim with greenery or cover the sand with pine cones. Use an odd number of pots in varying sizes to create a cheery display on a tabletop.

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