Friday, April 8, 2011

Rearrange Your Cluster or Panel Split!

When you choose from any one of our Standout Image Cluster or Gallery Wrapped Panel Split designs, dont be afraid to get creative! You can spice up a foyer, recreate the space above your mantel, or even make a masterpiece out of a staircase wall with one of our original Cluster or Panel Split choices. Or, by changing an image orientation either vertically or horizontally from our original designs, you can easily customize your very own Cluster or Panel Split!
Here are a few variations to consider...
Standout Image Cluster:
Cluster 22 (Original)
Cluster 22 (Variation 1)
Cluster 22 (Variation 2)
Gallery Wrapped Panel Splits:
Gallery Wrapped Panel Split 8 (Original)
Gallery Wrapped Panel Split 8 (Variation 1)
Gallery Wrapped Panel Split 8 (Variation 2)
To order in ROES:
  1. Click on “Sizes”.
  2. Click on “Catalog”.
  3. From the Catalog menu, choose either “Standout Image Clusters” or “Gallery Wrapped Panel Splits”.
  4. In the “Sizes” menu, choose your desired design.
  5. On the right hand side, click on “Folder”, select the folder of images needed, and click “Choose”.
  6. Drag desired images into template on the left side.
  7. Either format images as seen on the website (Cluster / Panel Splits) OR change an image orientation either vertically or horizontally to customize your Cluster or Panel Split. (As shown above).
  8. Once finished, click “Add to Order”.
  9. Click “Review Order”.

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