Friday, April 8, 2011

Family Photos: Creative Framing & Display

Family photos tell the story of your family and deserve to be prominently and stylishly displayed. Instead of hanging photos in standard frames on a wall or displaying a hodgepodge of photos lined up on a shelf, incorporate a few of these ideas to make your treasured family photos part of the decor.

Photo used under Creative Commons from Travis Isaacs.

Get Creative with Scrapbook Paper

Precut mats are great for traditional portrait photographs but try something a little different with informal family photos. Instead of mounting family photos beneath precut mats, try sheets of high-quality scrapbook paper in colors and themes that fit the photo and the room. Kid's sports photos, beach and family vacations, pet photos, holiday gatherings and any topic can be accented with themed scrapbook paper.

To back framed photos with scrapbook paper you will need cardstock in a coordinating color. To unify a grouping of photos, use the same frame and cardstock but mix and match scrape book papers that coordinate with the theme and color scheme.

To frame your photos, cut the cardstock to fit the frame and center a piece of scrapbook paper over the cardstock, creating a border as wide or narrow as you wish. Attach the scrapbook paper using a dot of clear-drying craft glue in each corner, then center the photo over the scrapbook paper.

Creative Ideas for Framing & Displays

1. When displaying photos on shelves unify the grouping with the same or similar frames; this will keep the focus on the photos themselves and let the grouping appear as a cohesive whole. If you have a disparate group of frames and prefer not to buy all new frames, unify them with spray paint. Painting frames the same color, even if some are metal and some are wood, will coordinate the grouping. Glossy finishes may need a quick sanding in order for the paint to adhere.
2. Embellish unfinished budget frames with paint and adornments of your choice. Seashells and beach glass are perfect for seaside prints. Everything from buttons to dried flowers, twigs, and cinnamon sticks to thread spools, old teaspoons and faux gems can be used to embellish photo frames.
3. Choose frames appropriate to the subject. Black and white or sepia photos of past generations look wonderful in vintage or vintage inspired frames. Link them to current generations by printing newer photos in black and white and unite the arrangement with similar frames.
4. Think outside the box and make your own creative frames from everyday items. Browse yard sales for game boards in pristine condition and use spray-on adhesive to attach a single photo or a collage of photos. Old colorful or vintage rulers can be made into frames by simply gluing them onto plain frames. Wrap a frame in a sumptuous fabric and glue on sequins, beads or faux gems to dress up a wedding or formal photo.

Once you start creating your own frames you'll come up an endless stream of ideas to turn your cherished photos into unique works of art. Let the theme and colors of your photographs guide and inspire you.

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