Friday, April 8, 2011

Choosing Collage Picture Frames

Collage picture frames are a great way for you to decorate your home in a very personal manner. Collage frames allow you to group together your photographs in a variety of creative ways all within one frame.

Picture collages allow you to display your photographs in an artistic way around a particular theme instead of having hundreds of different photos in individual frames dotted around your home.
Imagine a hundred pictures of your baby in that precious first year, but not the space to display them or the fact that they are hidden away in that beautiful baby album. Yes the album may be beautiful but how many times do you get to look at it? That’s right not too many, the first year with a new baby is quite busy! Why not pick say, twelve photographs (one picture for each month of your babies first year) and display them on the wall in your babies room. With a collage picture frame of your baby you will have created a beautiful memento of their first year and remember the beauty of a collage frame is that you can swap out the photographs at any time you want changing for the 2nd year, 3rd year and so on.
It doesn’t just have to be a babies room you could create a collage around any special occasion, a wedding, an anniversary, a special birthday or vacation maybe you just want to change the photographs in your collage as the seasons change or as you change the decorations within your room. Whose to say you can just put photographs into your frames, a school collage of the photographs from each year in elementary school could have pieces of your child’s artwork in a couple of the frames or why not print out a favorite quote in a swirly font and add that to the mix.
collage picture frames Choosing Collage Picture Frames
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Collage picture frames come in many different sizes and materials allowing you to co-ordinate them with the feel and type of display you would like to achieve for each room in your home. Some frames have spaces for one large picture and a group of smaller pictures and others are for pictures of the same size and shape, many are made of wood or metal and some are magnetic or acrylic, it is up to you to choose the size and type you would prefer for the project you are creating.
You can never have enough photographs and a perfect way to start displaying them all is with a one of a kind photo collage, created by you…

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