Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Space Saving Ideas for Small Kids Rooms

We have featured Spanish designer Sergi‘s kids’ rooms concepts before at Home-Designing, but he is back with more! Having worked to create rooms that are individualistic and unique in their own right, this designer has once again created magic with colors.
Working with less space and creating more out of it has been the USP of this set which was introduced recently. Unlike the showroom-like designer kids’ rooms that seem to have acres of space to work with, these childrens’ rooms seem fit for realistically sized (read small) spaces. The ideas are simple yet striking, can be improvised upon and be incorporated in your child’s room with ease.
At a time when space is as important as money, these ideas are sure to come in handy!
green room
kids room bunk beds
color coordinated compact room
smart ideas for two
french window in room
conserving space room
bright and cheerful room
all inclusive
bunk bed & storage
bed for two
lilac room
warm and comfortable
smart idea for a room
orange and white room
compact room
save space
essentials in the room
minimal furniture in the room
room for two  http://www.home-designing.com/2009/10/space-saving-ideas-for-small-kids-rooms

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