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Interior design for kids rooms

Decorating Kids Rooms
School’s out for summer! There is no better time to begin organizing and implementing fun new decor in your kids bedrooms. Changing up their space can give them a renewed sense of personal style and inspire a summer full of imagination and creativity. Whether you spring for a major overhaul, or only need something as simple as a wall decal, take a look into their bedrooms and try to involve them in deciding on fresh new bedroom decor for 2010. For those of you in need of updated baby nursery ideas, there has never been a better time to find inspiration, products and resources. For the modern family, there are amazing new furniture and accessory companies that cater to contemporary and modern styles.

Modern Kids Room with Wood Slat Wall

Modern Kids Room with Sitting Chair & Ottoman
Below is a stylish nursery that has an interesting color palette. The side wall is painted a deep navy and the ceiling in white with yellow semi-gloss stripes. Having this contrast allows the eye to travel, all the way down to the cow hide rug that grounds the room. There is also a large armoire placed on the navy wall to help break up the solid color, as well as a window to offset the darkness the navy brings to the space. I love the black mobile over the crib and touch of orange and camel fabrics in the furnishings. It works harmoniously due to these well thought out balances

Stylish Nursery with Bold Colors

A simple solution to dress up a nursery, or any room for that matter are DIY, removable Wall Decals. Sometimes a room only needs a pop of color and a fun design, such as this over-sized Kids on Swings wall decals by WALLTAT.
WALLTAT Wall Decal – Kids on Swings
WALLTAT Wall Decal – Kids on Swings
Set of three… this room offers a simple furniture layout and color palette for a mini soccer team of boys. The accessories and patterns within the bedroom create interest and offer a masculine and playful feel.

Boys Room for Three

Space is sometimes an issue for most extra bedrooms, and like all urban settings when you can no longer build out, you must build up. This pink and white girls bedroom uses tiered layers for the study area with a slide under bed. Tall cabinetry and wall mount shelving promote organization and storage solutions.
Space Saving Tiered Layout for Girls Bedroom
Layers of millwork create this custom look below. Space issues were also solved with building upwards and a central staircase that are used as drawers. Every inch of this gender neutral bedroom is filled with cabinetry, drawers, shelving and cabinetry. Now that’s efficient. Another element worth noting is the continuous block under the ground level bed that serves as nightstands and bed support. Brilliant.
Custom Millwork for a Gender Neutral Bedroom for Two
More simple solutions for kids bedrooms are full wall murals from Wall Stickers. These add huge amounts of color and are available in a wide range of characters, movie themes, comics and superheros.
At KIDS we carry over 35 different manufacturers that all make a wide range of children’s products. This allows us to set up complete bedroom vignettes to help you visualize ideas for your own homes.
Kid’s Interior Design Store carries products for all ages from infants to teens.
In addition, we have complete catalogues, fabrics, measurements and colour samples allowing you to customize everything to your own preferences and needs. KIDS friendly staff can make the most complex room fun and easy to order.
Wall stickers or kids room are allow you with not much money and effort to achieve excellent results. Individual motifs and images such as bees, fish, flowers and clouds in cartoon hero (favorite children’s Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, modern and Bakugan Ben Ten) to complete compositions, anyone can create the desired decoration.

Advantage is that the wall stickers come off easily and moved or replaced, while small your kids grow and change their interests. Still do not know whether a boy or a girl? You can opt for something neutral like small animals – dogs, cats, lions and more. Glued to the furniture, these stickers are easy to remove and not leave marks on surfaces. There are even stickers on the wall that you can remove easily and quickly without having to repaint the wall after that.

This makes the wall stickers for kids room more preferred compared with painted motifs for example.
Wall stickers for kids room on the wall is not advisable to stick on delicate surfaces (eg painted plaster or paper wallpaper). In this case, they could inflict damage on the surface for their elimination.
This type of stickers and ease of use make them ideal for people who live in rent and possible decoration of the kids room, you will not need to repaint walls or obstruction of nail holes for hanging posters and pictures. We give you some photo ideas for wall stickers for kids rooms.

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