Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bathroom design

The bathroom is the fastest growing trend setting room in the house. We’ve all heard estate agents and TV personalities saying the bathroom will sell your house, and to a degree this is true to a greater extent these days.

A sactuary away from everything and everyone? A safe haven to dance around naked and enjoy the heat of bubbles and mirrors! Well certainly interior designers have embraced the bathroom as a centrally significant room in any house, and interior design products have certainly catered for our changing needs in the washroom. Classic thick enamel baths may be a thing of the past, but they also can have their place, just as the Victorian wash stands, wood cladding and any traditional interior you can name for a bathroom setting.
That’s the beauty of interior design for your home, there’s no right and wrong, merely a set of simple rules to choose whether to avoid or not, and away you go, you can reshape and modify your bathroom to any end today. We’ll be looking at window coverings such as waterproof shutters, floor tiles and wall tiles, room accessories to add a personal touch as well as bathroom cabinets and finishes. Lets not forget the importance of lighting for your bathroom with LED lights and down lighters (don’t forget building regs and IP values) – and we’ll be showing you hopefully that the bathroom really can be a place to recharge and relax in an intimate environment when you’ve put the boss to sleep and clocked off for the day.   http://interior-design-for.com/category/interior-design-for-living-rooms/page/17/

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