This has been my pet project for the last couple of months.  I wanted to make an unforgettable gift from Santa… and here it is!!  I gave my scetch to a super creative carpenter and then Mason and I painted and decorated.  What I love most about our brand new kitchen is that it is made from *almost* 100% recycled products!   The little knobs on the stove are real knobs from an old maytag.  The spay nozzle and faucets are oldies but goodies.  Even the inside of the oven is a re-used wire rack.
Inspiration Kiddee Kitchens:
Family Fun’s Version Ultra simple and super cute.  You could put this together in a day!  This is where I got the idea for using stainless steel bowl for the sink…  you’ll notice ours has double sinks… this was my carpenters idea!
Cardboard Kitchen This design caught my eye too…  I think she may even sell them in her etsy store!  Talk about creativity!
Entertainment Center Kitchen This mini-recycled masterpiece was probably my biggest source of inspiration!
I wish I could sew like this! Quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.
Sweet girly kitchen Love how whimsical and girly this play set is.  Isn’t the clock adorable?  Got my idea for curtains here!  I’m so pathetic when it comes to using a needle and thread I actually used stitch glue to make the curtains… hehehe…  :)

Basic Dimensions:
length: 6 feet
height: 4 feet
ground to top of stove/counter top: 2 feet
oven width: 2 feet
sink width: 2 feet
counter width: 2 feet
microwave: 8 in
storage space above counter: 1 foot
After we finished the kitchen we need cool stuff to stock it with, right??
I hunted my favorite antique and etsy stores for mini pots, pans, muffin tins, aprons, cans, jars and FELT FOOD! 
Happy Cookin’ Kids!