Friday, June 22, 2012

Art in the Hall

This project has been on my to do list for a few months now. While the boys were at VBS last week, I finally got out my supplies and started working on it.
The clothes line for the boys' art has been hanging in the hallway for a few years now, but it always seemed kind of know, except for all the cute art hanging on it. So after I got my Cricut in January, I knew that I had to find the perfect quote to hang above the boys' art.

What do you think?!?
I decided on this Pablo Picasso quote a while back when I did a blog post using the quote. I printed it out just to make sure that I got all the letters cut correctly. Then I went to work {or really the Cricut did} cutting out the letters on black vinyl.
I laid out all my letters and then worked out the spacing. I used transfer tape to line up the words and then attach them to the wall. I also drew a pencil line on the wall to help keep the quote as straight as possible.
Now the hallway seems much more complete!
I love what a little bit of vinyl and a little bit of time can do for a space!
Do you have any vinyl words or decorations in your house?

{For those of you that have asked, you can click here to see a little bit more detail on how to make the art clothesline.}

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