Monday, June 27, 2011

Washing A Shower Curtain Liner

Yucky Hotel
Did you know that you can wash your shower curtain liner in the washing machine? You probably did but I didn’t. We have two showers and whenever one of the liners started getting a little icky, I’d just buy a new one. You can get a really chintzy one for just a few dollars – but you know – you get what you pay for on that one.
Anyway, back to the point. Someone told me that you can wash the liner in the washing machine (is this seriously common knowledge?) and I couldn’t believe it, so I tried it.
I set the cycle to medium and cold/cold. I used regular laundry detergent and a little bleach. Then I just hung it to dry. I read somewhere that you can throw a couple white towels in with the liner for extra scrubbing power. That seems like a good idea too. It worked pretty good. It came almost completely clean. I thought, “Wow. I am definitely blogging this.”
This probably won’t save me a ton of money (would you classify a ton of money as 2,000 British pounds? :) ) but I also like the idea of wasting less. A shower liner takes up a lot of space in the trash!
OK, I can take it. Tell me, did everyone in the world already know this but me?

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